U.S. Department of Justice wants to take over mega-dairy over gambling, meth, money management

The U.S. Department of Justice wants a federal trustee to take over the bankruptcy proceedings of Greg te Velde, owner of Oregon’s second largest mega-dairy. Te Velde acknowledges taking more money from the accounts of his Oregon and California dairies than allowed by the bankruptcy court, court documents show, and using it to gamble at least once a week. He also failed to disclose, as required, the existence of personal bank accounts and how he moved money between his personal and business accounts, documents show. He filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on behalf of his two dairies in California and Lost Valley Farm in Boardman in April. Then the state of Oregon revoked Lost Valley’s permit to operate after more than a year of near-constant violations centered around te Velde’s inability to control how wastewater was stored and applied. Lost Valley Farm, which had a permit for 30,000 […]