REAL ESTATE MATTERS: Will filing bankruptcy release a lien?

Q: I recently sold a property that had a tax lien on it along with a few other “things from the past.” I had a wildly successful business for 11 years that failed after the 2008 meltdown. I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2015. My bankruptcy included the tax debts, as they were old enough to qualify. But now, after closing on the short sale of my home at the end of last year and settling all debts, judgments, etc., I still have a federal tax lien from 2009 that has not been released. I filed the forms, appealed it, and on and on it goes. All three credit bureaus have dropped it, but it’s still showing up on the recorder of deeds site in my town and has not been released. Is there any way to get this thing off my record officially? A: There are a couple […]