5 years after declaring bankruptcy, Detroit reborn at a cost

DETROIT — It’s been five years since Detroit bottomed out after decades of decline, admitting in the largest U.S. municipal bankruptcy filing ever that the country’s one-time industrial engine could no longer pay its bills. The turnaround since then has been remarkable, with major investments that have brought new jobs, the rebirth of neighborhoods whose best days were half a century ago and the restoration of street cleaning and lighting — services so basic yet important to a sense of community. It also cost some people more than others. Jean Estell, 65, worked about three decades in Detroit’s recreation and public works departments before retiring in 2004. Like other retirees, she lost part of her pension and all of her retiree health coverage in the bankruptcy settlement with creditors, and she’s worried about being left behind in this new Detroit. "I’m glad we’re doing better. I want us to […]